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Xiaomi Mi6 Specifications Leaked:No Headphone Jack But IP67 Waterproof

More leaks about Xiaomi MI6 is there! Now we can see no earphone plug design and waterproof function, so Xiaomi MI6 is coming soon?


The last couple of days Mi6 news has been a lot of subjects, and details of the new models has repeatedly been featuring. One is no 3.5mm earphone plug, the other is waterproof design.

Now there are new leaked photos of the Mi 6 protective cover which discovers something amazing.

The location of camera and flash holes confirm with the leaked photos.

xiaomi mi6 protective case
xiaomi mi6 protective case
xiaomi mi6 protective case back side
xiaomi mi6 protective case back side

The Dual camera and flash is located in the fuselage edge, this design is particularly rare.

The bottom of the protective cover has a corresponding USB interface and double speaker holes, but the top only has one hole which should be a Infrared port. In other words, the rumour of the Mi 6 cancelling the 3.5mm headphone input seems to be true!

Apple, LeTV, HTC and many other manufacturers have recently cancelled the 3.5mm interface but that has caused a lot of controversy and a adapter is therefore required, however that now seems the normal procedure.

It is interesting to note that the MI exposes a ” sports bluetooth headset X”, but this further verifies the Mi 6 doesn’t have a 3.5 mm headphone jack input.

Also comparing this MI 6 protective cover with the MI 5 model, the size is almost the same, it seems the size will still be 5.15 inch.

Sources have revealed that MI 6 will have IP67 dustproof and waterproof build, this waterproof level matches models like the iPhone 7.

xiaomi mi6 waterproof

Just recently, a Weibo leaked images of the MI 6 and the MI 5 SIM card slot. The MI 6 card slot appears to have sealing tapes, further proving the rumour the MI 6 is waterproof.

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