Pepsi Blue Ice Cream

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When it comes to Pepsi Cola, there is no doubt that the impression of everyone is same: coffee color fizzy drinks. But if you still think all cola is the most common color, you’re wrong, because now the Pepsi Cola has the blue color: A plum flavored Pepsi Blue. Just from the color, I think you will fall in love with it. And the Pepsi Blue was described by drinkers as like blueberries or raspberries. Perhaps you also can experience the taste of the ocean. So when I got this Pepsi Blue, I couldn’t wait to make Pepsi Blue Ice Cream with Ibywind YF700 Ice Cream MakerIbywind YF700 Ice Cream Maker.

Pepsi Blue Ice Cream Ice Cream Video Guide

Ingredients Of Pepsi Blue Ice Cream

  • 1. Whipping Cream 80ML

  • 2. Milk 110ML

  • 3. Pepsi Blue 80ML

  • 4. Granulated Sugar 25G

  • 5.Biscuit Crumbs

  • 6. Candy Beads

Best Ice Cream Maker You Will Need

Ibywind YF700

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Pepsi Blue Ice Cream Gallery

  • ingredients


  • Pepsi Blue

    Pour Pepsi Blue

  • Whipping Cream

    Whipping Cream

  • Milk


  • Granulated Sugar

    Add Granulated Sugar

  • 01 hard ice cream

    Select 01 hard ice cream

  • Ice Cream is ready

    The Ice Cream is ready

  • Scoop them out

    Scoop them out

  • Garnishing


  • Pepsi Blue Ice Cream

    Pepsi Blue Ice Cream

Step To Make Pepsi Blue Ice Cream

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