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Simple And Yummy Papaya Ice Cream Recipes: Video

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Papaya is a nutritious and delicious fruit, it contains carotene and vitamin C. Today let’s make the papaya ice cream with Ibywind YF700 Ice Cream Maker. This ice cream is not only tasty but also good for health.

Papaya Ice Cream Video Guide

Papaya Ice Cream Ingredients

  • 1. Milk 110ML

  • 2. Whipping Cream 80ML

  • 3. Papaya Pulp 80G

  • 4. Granulated Sugar 25G

Best Ice Cream Maker You Will Need

Ibywind YF700

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Papaya Ice Cream Gallery

  • ingredients


  • sliced papaya

    sliced papaya

  • papaya and milk

    papaya and milk

  • blend them

    blend them

  • papaya mixture

    papaya mixture

  • papaya mixture

    papaya mixture

  • whipping cream

    whipping cream

  • granulated sugar

    granulated sugar

  • mix them well

    mix them well

  • hard ice cream

    hard ice cream

  • ready ice cream

    ready ice cream

  • papaya ice cream

    papaya ice cream

Papaya Ice Cream Recipe

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