Homemade Grape Soda Ice Cream:Video Guide

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Get tired of making fruit ice cream? Wanna try another new twist of ice cream? Then homemade grape soda ice cream is a nice choice! The artificial grape flavor and the sodium combine together makes an unqiue flavor. If you are a healthy diet insistent, then you may dislike this artificial flavor. But if you are a naughty girl, who wants a different trial in boring life, it is a good addition. Most importantly, it is quite easy with Ibywind YF700 Ice Cream Maker.

Homemade Grape Soda Ice Cream Video Guide


  • 1. Grape Soda 200ML

  • 2. Whipped Cream 60ML

  • 3. Granulated sugar 20G

  • 4. Whole Milk (About 100ML)

  • 5. Cherry 4 Pcs

  • 6. Waffle Cookies 2 Pcs (Crashed)

Best Ice Cream Maker You Will Need

Ibywind YF700

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Homemade Grape Soda Ice Cream Gallery

  • ingredient


  • Grape Soda

    Grape Soda

  • Boil Soda

    Boil Soda

  • Boiling


  • Milk


  • Cream


  • Sugar


  • Add soda

    Add soda

  • Blend


  • Ready mixture

    Ready mixture

  • Pour mixture

    Pour mixture

  • Press menu button 1 time and choose hard ice cream

    Press menu button 1 time and choose hard ice cream

  • 120 mins, Kiwi ice cream is ready

    120 mins, Grape soda ice cream is ready

  • Scoop Kiwi ice cream out

    Scoop Soda ice cream out

  • Grape Soda Ice Cream

    Grape Soda Ice Cream

Recipe Steps In Detail

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