24 Chilling Freshness Preservation Methods You Will Never Want To Miss: Powerful Than Refrigerators

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    Preservation of food freshness is a big common problem in our daily life. If you purchase too much food, lots of them lose freshness just after half day.If purchase too less food, you easily run out of food when in need.While, these freshness preservation methods can help you save all these troubles.

    1. Tomatoes Freshness Preservation

    Actually, you don’t need refrigerators at all for keep freshness of tomatoes. Put tomatoes into the plastic bags and fasten the bag top, put it under the shadow. That is it. Then, open the bag once every day, ventilate for 5 mins, and pay attention to dry the water vapor. You can keep the freshness of tomatoes up to 30 days.

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    2.  Vegetable Salad Freshness Preservation

    If you are not done with vegetable salad, not a problem. Wrap it with plastic film and put a paper on top. All are done.

    3. Strawberries Freshness Preservation

    It cannot be more fresher if you soak the strawberries with the vinegar. Sure, you will have to do a washing before eating it.

    4. Bananas Freshness Preservation

    Wrap the bananas head part with the plastic film, it can extend the preservation time.

    5. Eggplants Freshness Preservation

    You cannot wash the eggplants before freshness preservation, or the wax layer with protection function on the eggplant surface will remove. And the microbes will cause rot. Also, don’t put the eggplants into the refrigerators, instead, put it in the shadow for ventilation.

    6.Green Leaves Vegetables Freshness Preservation

    Wrap the green leaves vegetables with plastic bag and fasten the bag top and put them into the refrigerators.

    7.How to Prevent Potatoes From Sprout? Put them with the apple in one place.

    8. Chives and hotbed chives are turning yellow leaves and rot easily. Wrap chives with cabbages leaves to keep freshness.

    9. The alkaloids in Beans are harmful for human. Blanching them can eliminate harmful alkaloids. So the best way for beans freshness preservation is blanching beans and dry them, then put them in the plastic film. After one month, you will find the beans are still green and fresh. And the original tastes keep the same.

    10. Keep the left shallot in the plastic bottle.

    11. Put the onions into the unused silk stockings and hang them up. In this way, you can keep the onions for more than half a year.

    12.All kinds of mushrooms, you had better to keep them with a paper bag instead of a plastic bag. Paper bag is much better than the plastic bag for mushrooms.

    13.If you put fish in the refrigerator, the fish will get dry. To avoid this, soak the fish into the salted water and then freeze it in the refrigerator.

    14. Dried seafood like dried fish, whitebait,dried shrimp, put them into the sealed bottle, meanwhile, put several pcs of pealed garlic, and put them in the shadow place for saving.

    15. Wash the lotus root with water and get all the earth off. Put the lotus root into any container. Fill the container full of water, and soak the lotus root.  Replace the water with fresh water once every 1 to 2 days.

    16. The nutrition of daikon will be absorbed by the root leaves, so we can get rid of the root leaves and then save the daikon.

    17. Bundle 500g Chinese parsley and wrap the Chinese parsley with a paper (you cannot see the green leaves), put them into a plastic bag, fasten the bag with loose, let the parsley root upwards, and put the bag in the shadow, you can fetch it when you want to eat.  You can keep Chinese parsley as fresh as 10 days with this methods.

    If you want to keep Chinese parsley for a long time, you can cut off the parsley root, and get rid of rot leaves, yellow leaves, spread them and dry them for 1-2 days. Then weave the leaves into long braids and hang them in the shadow place for ventilation. In this way, you can keep the parsley for long. When you are going to eat it, soak the parsley with warm water, you will find the parsley still with green leaves and the tastes are good smell as before.

    18. Melt the salt with boiled water, and soak the fresh tofu in it. The salted water needs to be higher than tofu. In this way, even in the summer, the tofu can keep fresh for long.

    19. The celery and glebionis coronaria bundle with a rope, and put the root downwards in a container with water, they will not get dry and rot for a long time.

    20. Select fresh wax gourd with fine skin and white fresh, put them in the shadow, it is better to put a wooden pad under the wax gourd instead of putting the wax gourd onto the ground directly. In this way, you can keep wax gourd fresh as long as 4-5 months.

    21. If you have cut open the pumpkin, the pumpkin always get rot from the insider heart part. So you need to dig out all the pumpkin fresh before putting the pumpkin into the plastic bag and save it.

    22. Methods one: split the vitamin E capsule, pour the liquid from the capsule into the cooking oil (5 litres), put on the oil bottle lid and shake the mixture to well-distributed.

    Methods two: Pour the cooking oil into the wok, add few pepper, fennel, and heat the oil to 50 centidegree, and stop heating and start cooling. After the oil cooled, pour the oil into the bottle and keep it.

    23. The vinegar can restrain the bacterial. The raw pork can keep fresh for days if the temperature is low. Besides, if you soak the raw pork with 0.5% sodium acetate for 1 hour, it can keep for days also.Normally, you can use 50 milliliter vinegar, 12 to 13g soda ash plus 250 milligram cool boiled water together to replace sodium acetate. Besides, the raw pork , if you wrap it with wet cloth soaked in vinegar or clean napkin digging with vinegar, it will keep fresh overnight.


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