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First Leak Of Huawei Honor Note 9 : Bezel-Less Design Competing With Samsung&Iphone


Huawei is one of the leading tech giants on the internet today and is well known for its game-changing innovations. Yu Chengdong, the CEO Huawei Consumer Business Group, had earlier indicated that they were researching on a new and innovative screen technology that would take the mobile phone industry by storm. The wait is almost over and below is a sneak peek of what to expect.

After the recent successful release of the Huawei Honor V9 glory device from Huawei, another upgraded smart phone is currently in the works. Say hello to the Huawei Honor Note 9. Compared to other mobile devices from Huawei,  Huawei Honor Note 9 will be more progressive and is likely to attract a lot of interest for its bold design elements. Bezel-less phones are growing in popularity for their ability to allow users a visual experience like no other on their devices. The futuristic full-screen design is a good touch for increasing functionality. With its home screen integrated into the screen, Huawei Honor Note 9 is no different. The top-notch design and detailed features of Huawei Honor Note 9 potentially make it Huawei’s flagship device for 2017.

Huawei Honor Note 9 Launch

Huawei Honor Note 9 launch is expected to take place this summer. Huawei attributes this long wait to delays until mature fingerprint recognition technology become available. With Huawei Honor Note 9 screen, it will likely sport the latest fingerprint technology to unlock it. A general consensus is that the fingerprint technology needs to be upgraded and improved first. The phenomenon that was witnessed with the Galaxy S8 (placing the fingerprint sensor near the camera) is still fresh in people’s minds.

Some of other Huawei Honor Note 9 specifications are not yet clear and are subject to speculation. Huawei is well-known for pushing the boundaries when it comes to developing new mobile devices.Therefore, you can expect the Huawei Note 9 to come with a few surprises of its own. The screen may be larger considering its predecessor, Huawei Honor Note 8, came fitted with an impressive 6.6 inch touch screen. Expect the full-screen Huawei to bring fresh ideas to the table that will give Huawei a chance to competitively take on other big industry players like Apple and Samsung.

Huawei Honor Note 9 Screen

Some proponents have been advocating for mobile phones that look the same at first glance. The Galaxy S8 design has been rendered a favorite for such advancements in mobile technology. However, it’s best to have a wait and see approach on this. In the meantime, we wait with bated breaths for the Huawei Honor Note 9 launch.