pitaya ice cream

Pitaya Ice Cream (Dragon Fruit Ice Cream) Recipe

Share this Post As we all know, pitaya is one of the famous tropical fruits. Pitaya not only tastes sweet but also has high nutritional value. And it has three types: white-fleshed pitaya, red-fleshed pitaya, and yellow pitaya. Well, today I will make the ice cream with white-fleshed pitaya. Surely, with this Ibywind YF700 Ice Cream Maker, this “job” will …

Kiwi ice cream is ready

Homemade Healthy Kiwi Ice Cream:Video Guide

Share Homemade Kiwi Ice Cream Recipe With Your Friends Homemade healthy Kiwi ice cream is another good choice for Kiwifruit fans. As we know, Kiwi is full of vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin C and some other unusual nutritions. It is with good help for human body and improve immunity system. In Chinese, we call Kiwifruit is the king of …

banana split

Classic Banana Split Recipe: Pictures+Video Guide

Share this Post Banana Split is a delicious ice cream dessert, the main raw materials of this dessert are bananas, ice cream and so on. Not only has a unique shape, but also delicious. Now with the Ibywind YF700 Ice Cream Maker, you can make this dessert quickly at home. $119 Amazon Fulfillment To Europe

Cut off the paper cups with scissors and Ice Cream Freezer Pops are ready

Homemade Ice Cream Freezer Pops Recipe: Video Guide

Share this Post Ice cream freezer pops is an easy but interesting ice cream treat. Imagine you load the ice cream pops with cookies and candies and the kids will have so much fun when they see it. Most important, with Ibywind YF700 ice cream, it cannot be more quicker and easier. $99 Free Shipping Homemade Ice Cream Freezer Pops …

Orange ice cream

How To Make The Fancy Orange Ice Cream At Home

Share this Post Orange ice cream is a refreshing and delectable ice cream. Moreover, with the Ibywind YF700 Ice Cream Maker, this kind of ice cream not only very easy to make but also looks so fancy! I’m so excited to share it with you! $99 Free shipping Cut a thin slice from top of orange The oranges after being …

scoop tangerine ice cream out and place it in one plate, put a mint

Homemade Tangerine Ice Cream Recipe: Video Guide

Share this Post Homemade tangerine ice cream is a complete new fresh taste for this hot summer. The acid tangerine and sweet ice cream works fabulous together on your tongue. You will never forget about it after taking it. How to make homemade orange ice cream then? With Ibywind YF700 Ice Cream Maker, it becomes super easy! The tangerines need …

mango ice cream sandwiches

Easy Method To Make Mango Ice Cream Sandwiches

Share this Post Whether the sandwich must consist of two pieces of white bread, ham, and cheese or not? Obviously, the answer sure is not. Now the sandwiches get the new world: Ice cream sandwich. As the name suggests, it is to use two pieces of biscuits or other similar pastry to clip the different flavors of ice cream, that …

15.Homemade Waffle Ice Cream Is Ready

Easy Homemade Waffle Ice Cream Recipe:Video Guide

Share this Recipe Waffle is hard and crispy. Ice cream is soft with a lingering taste. What mystery will happen if we combine them together! How to make this easy homemade waffle ice cream? With Ibywind YF700 Ice Cream Maker, it cannot be more easier. You can also use the whole milk, but skim milk makes more fresh tastes. If …

beautiful watermelon ice cream

Make Homemade Watermelon Ice Cream With Ibywind Ice Cream Maker

Share this Post If you need to choose the food you need for the summer, it must be watermelon and ice cream, both of which are summer flavors. So I think watermelon flavor of ice cream is the best representative of summer. Would you like to have a try? It cannot be more easier with Ibywind YF700 Ice Cream Maker. …

matcha ice cream

The Easy Method To Make The Matcha Ice Cream

Share this Post Many girls like to eat ice cream in summer, but they are worried that eating too much will gain weight. So today I will show you a healthy and low-fat ice cream: Matcha Ice Cream. Matcha has a very fresh grassy flavor. I believe that the matcha ice cream will impress you with its unique flavor and …